I pitched an idea back in November last year to a membership body that represents people in the world of entertainment.

They wanted ideas for how to celebrate their 40th anniversary whilst acknowledging that 2020 and 2021 were particularly tough years for entertainers in the absence of parties, events, conferences and fairs.

I took inspiration from some of the photographs of Matisse taken by Cartier-Bresson. What I liked was that these portraits weren’t the usual ones of an artist standing at a canvas with a paintbrush in hand. They were more subtle. I also found similar images where ‘what they were famous for’ was somewhere in frame, but not overt.

Matisse. Henri Cartier-Bresson (1944)

I pitched the idea of photographing members doing the things that got them through lockdown with a reference to their roles as performers.

I started photographing this week with the first seven of around 30 members who will be photographed over the next eights weeks.

The images here are not the ones we’ll use in the final booklet but they provide a flavour of the theme and the diverse locations I’ve been to so far.