Inspired by comic books, organisations are now using photo stories as a communication and learning tool.

Research from Microsoft states that the attention span of a human is now about the same, or less, than a goldfish – 8 seconds. Actually, the BBC refutes these online stories stating that nobody has accurately measured attention span, but we do know, anecdotally at least, that with so much information targeted at us, finding ways to be heard is increasingly difficult, particularly for businesses and organisations.

It is no wonder then that many corporate clients are talking about ‘microlearning‘ and ‘microcomms’ – ways to engage with their employees and stakeholders in micro amounts of time, ideally less than a few minutes.

When you think about it, comics and comic books were among the first microlearning devices. Invented in the 1880s or the 1930s depending on which history of the format you choose to read, but nevertheless a format that has endured and entertained billions around the world.

It is commonly accepted that comics are created with about 180 words per page, and we read about 200 words per minute, meaning three pages of story (as below) is about a three minute read. I remember reading comics as a child but only now appreciate how much information they could convey in less than 200 words that took just a few minutes to digest. And now businesses are using the same principles to engage with busy teams.

The story below was scripted and then shot in a studio with just a few props. The text is less than 300 words and we’ve used 20 shots to tell an interesting and complex story that can be consumed within minutes. The perfect microlearning and microcomms tool.