Living sustainably is actually pretty hard.

We all need to live somewhere, to work somewhere, to eat, wear clothes, and even a smartphone is no longer a luxury now that so many services are digital.

‘Live closer to work so that you can walk or cycle’ – a great idea, assuming there are jobs available close to were you live or that housing is affordable close to where you work.

However, some organisations are taking steps to help us choose a more sustainable lifestyle.

Waitrose Unpacked

Today I read that Tesco has partnered with Loop to offer refillable products for online shopping customers, which coincided with my own visit to Waitrose in Wallingford to see the Waitrose ‘Unpacked’ offer.

Unpacked was originally hailed by the media as ‘package free’, which is precisely what it is. Recognising that too much of our food packaging is plastic which will take around 400 years to degrade, Waitrose (and other retailers) are attempting to help consumers reduce household waste.

There are a range of dried goods that customers can choose from, they simply fill a container and pay by the weight.

Waitrose Unpacked, no packages produce.

Coffee beans, frozen fruits, household products and even beer and wine are refillable.

A quick look around at the products being offered and you can see that cereal boxes, pasta and rice plastic bags, coffee jars and packs, plastic containers of washing up liquid and conditioner, boxes for soap powder, tins for beer and bottles for wine, could all be eliminated from household waste and recycling bins. This saves energy in production, destruction and recycling, and avoids potential pollution.