The documentary project that I’ve been working on for the past 6 or 7 months is called ‘Unsustainable’.


The idea has been to capture those aspects of our lifestyles that are unsustainable on a planet with finite resources.

My main focus, until fairly recently, has been consumerism; the amount of stuff we collectively consume, particularly disposable items and packaging such as: take-away food, clothing and coffee-to-go.

I have taken several hundred images, of which I keep an edit of 60-70 that tell the story.

What I have found throughout this period is that just replacing one image in my edit of 20 can result in changing 3 or 4 more because the visual narrative takes a slightly different direction.


The project is now expanding and during lockdown I have started to create images that represent agriculture and housing development. These will form additional chapters to the overall project.