Sustainable Fashion

Nicki Cottingham has had a lifelong passion for dressmaking and sewing, which, after a long career in teaching, has now blossomed into a small and sustainable fashion business.

Nick Cottingham loves patterned fabrics, particularly old fabrics that have been cast aside, are discontinued or to be found in the charity shops of Sussex, where she lives.

Following a successful career in teaching, Nicki pursued her passion for dressmaking and sewing in 2019 and is now commissioned on a weekly basis by her growing list of clients.

Her studio, machine room and stock room are neatly packed into one mid-size room overlooking the fields that her house backs-on to.

Retirement from teaching should have brought more leisure time but just twelve months later Nicki’s working day starts around 8.30am, once her husband has left for work, and she doesn’t stop until after he returns, “It’s a full time job, I don’t stop all day” she says with a smile.

Living sustainably has always been a mantra of the household “I hate waste of any sort” Nicki tells me, which is why she prefers to breathe new life into old fabric, rather than buying new material.

“People now know what I do, so they give me their old fabrics, buttons and zips rather than throwing them away. I was even given some second world war parachute silk by an old lady who was having a clear out.”

Bags, scarves, dresses, tops and now even face masks, are all part of the Cottingham sustainable fashion portfolio; and all in the brightest and most vibrant patterns.

sustainable fashion bag

Charity shops are a great place to find an old patterned dress or a duvet cover that nobody would normally look twice at, but once designed, cut, stitched, lined and presented as a unique and chic crossover bag, people will clamour for it.

A quick post on Instagram (@crafty_cotton_reel) and Facebook (@craftycottonreel) is enough to generate enquiries and a waiting list that will keep Nicki busy for the following week. Add to that the recent orders from a local shop who have asked to stock her products, and the numerous craft fairs throughout the year, and you can see why this sustainable fashion business is booming.

This is a circular economy business that makes use other people’s unwanted goods. By applying some creativity and hard work Nicki creates something new, beautiful and desirable. It’s the antithesis of fast (throwaway) fashion; and apart from the aesthetics, each item is crafted with care, pride and quality.