About Andrew Cameron

I’m a writer and documentary photographer with 25 years of experience of working in the creative and corporate sectors.

Andrew Cameron

I started in theatre and teaching drama but my career really began as a video director, producing social documentaries and short films for big brand names in the retail, banking, technology, publishing and hospitality – Pearson, Virgin, Waitrose, Bank of Scotland, John Lewis, Mitie, Financial Times, BT, Disney to name a few.

As a creative director and writer I’ve travelled extensively for some of the world’s biggest brands helping them to bring their stories to life

I also work with non-profit and charitable organisations as well as pursuing personal projects and running workshops.

Documentary photography has always been part of my work and, inspired by the photojournalists and photo-essays of the Picture Post and Life Magazine era.

Some people call it documentary photography, others corporate photography or business photography, either way I focus primarily on writing and photography to create image-led content for communications campaigns, articles, blogs and newsletters.